Our philosophy

"living life as God intends"

The overall philosophy of Awesome Church is based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe that the New Testament is a Covenant of Grace. God's Grace extended to all people as a consequence of the Cross and what Jesus accomplished on it. For this reason Awesome Church celebrates God's Grace revealed in His deep desire to Accept, Forgive and Love anyone who enters the Christian faith.



The Gospel of Jesus Christ is Life Giving, Hope Giving and Truth Giving. Our Style of presentation reflects this very nature and philosophy. Contemporary Preaching of the "Good News". Powerful Praise/Worship. Faith orientated Ministry in Prayer. Signs/Wonders/Miracles/Healings/Prophecy/Deliverance.

Our major is on the "Good News" of Jesus Christ and not the ways of Satan. Our vision is towards the great and precious promises that our Father in Heaven has given us and our destiny is in His gracious hands of Life and Life in Abundance. Our spirit is one of enthusiasm, Excitement and Zeal for accomplishing the Lord's work in fulfilling His mandate.

Our desire is to love, nurture, care and restore people to accomplish their God given destiny in Jesus Christ. God is the dream maker not the dream breaker!

Awesome Church is committed to the following:

■ Gospel of the Kingdom of God

■ Miracles - Signs & Wonders

■ Salvation - Healing - Deliverance

■ Connect Groups

■ Retro Cafe

■ Growth - numerically

■ Conforming to the Will of God

■ Salvations and Rededications

■ Prayer - Individually and Corporately

■ The supernatural power of God

■ Meeting of practical and material needs

■ Unity of spirit, mind and purpose

■ Leadership and delegation

■ Team work

■ Church services - Sunday, Midweek

■ Christian Education - Bible College

■ Creative Arts - Drama & Dance

■ Youth - Kid-Power, Awesome Youth