Our Covenant

"solid foundations"

1. Apostle's Doctrine - (The Word of God)

2. Fellowship - (With other Believers)

3. Communion - (Body & Blood of Jesus Christ)

4. Prayer - (Intercession and Communication with God)

5. Evangelism - (Via personal, outreaches, crusades & media)



All of the above is based upon a Covenant Relationship with God through Jesus Christ. A Covenant is an agreement between two parties or more. A natural Covenant is usually sealed with contracts, handshake, jewellery, etc. A divine Covenant is sealed with God's Word. The New Testament or New Covenant was sealed by Jesus Christ shedding His blood on Calvary's Cross. A price was paid for our redemption or salvation plan.

We are continually reminded of this Covenant by Communion. This Covenant Meal proves our Partnership with God. We take it as a sign and pledge that our lives are in agreement with God and His Word.

Our Partnership is extended in the Church. We are all in Partnership to fulfill the Vision of Awesome Church which is firmly based on God's Vision for the world. Partnership involves devotion to encouraging one another. Meetings needs when necessary. Commitment to seeing the House of the Lord being built. Partnership rejoices with the achievements but has shared in the cost too.

Covenant Partnership is the Key element in this local Church. Based on scripture, carried out in love, fulfilled by the fruit we bear for the Kingdom of God.

Be a Covenant Person.