A healthy soul (Mind, Will & Emotions)

Total Health in a whole person demands healthy relationships in 3 areas: 1) with God; 2) with Others; and 3) with the World.



WHAT CHARACTERISTICS are found in a person who is HEALTHY IN THE SOUL?

  1. An ability to function at full capacity physically, spiritually & emotionally. Maintaining a balance in life leads to a Healthy Soul.

  2. An ability to adapt to changing situations with self-control and discipline. A person with a strong will has an ability to tolerate stress and to cope with a wide variety of environmental situations. Able to accept what is unchangeable, they are free from excessive, prolonged anxiety in the face of change.

  3. An attitude of confidence, usually accompanied by a sense of humour. Such confidence, of course must stem from faith in God.

  4. An unwavering purpose in life. Living for God and for His principals gives meaning and direction in life. Not just having everything to live with but having something to live for.

  5. An ability to relate well to a variety of people. They can make and keep friends, love and be loved. A capacity for intimacy in close interpersonal relationships is a clue to a Healthy Soul.

  6. A balanced life. Capacity to function in both dependent and independent roles, to be taken care of or to take care of oneself, to follow or to lead (depending on the circumstances) is a sign of a Healthy Soul.

  7. Spiritual Balance. A balance between reading the Word of God, prayer, witnessing and Christian fellowship.

  8. Maturity and Dependability. Christians should be trustworthy. Others should not find any evidence of corruption or negligence in our lives. Our personal standards should enable us to resist pressures to sin or to act impulsively.

  9. A capacity to be other-centred. Individuals who are wrapped up in their own selfish desires, anger, jealousy, suspicions and problems have little to give to others.

  10. The ability to express and control emotions. Healthy souls neither avoid situations that arouse strong emotions nor use the mechanisms of isolation and dissociation to keep from feeling. They do not bottle up emotions to boiling point but are able to deal with them accordingly.

  11. Are usually satisfied with their sexuality. They are relatively free from fears and complexes involving sexuality . If single are comfortable in living a self-controlled life and if married are able to enjoy an active and satisfactory sex life.

  12. A positive relationship with the Lord. The fact that Christians generally read the Bible daily is not only an indication of their Soul Health but also a major reason for it. The Word of God produces peace, joy and contentment and prevents anxiety, depression, defensiveness and immaturity.