An Established Set Of Beliefs

Our belief system or what we perceive to be true about ourselves or God is either holding us back from God’s fullness for our lives or propelling us forward to reach our full potential in life.



The importance of having FAITH as a belief system!

Hebrews 11:6 & Romans 5:2 “access” or “entry”


1. Significant others


- Can you choose or reject the belief without changing the relationship?

- Do you hold onto error because of the significant other?

- People have a profound effect on our lives.

- Poor leadership will instill poor habits and weak integrity.



2. Experience


- What you perceive to be true may in-fact be error.

- Did the experience fulfil you?

- Did the experience hurt, wound or disillusion you?

- My experience as a Catholic taught me the traditions of men!

- Your experience in love maybe one of betrayal!


3. Instructions

- What credibility did the person teaching you have?
- (Women who based her church on whether tithing was done or not).|
- Have you checked that the information is accurate and correct?

- Who, what and how is instructing you? (Marriage, finances, faith etc).
- Was the instructor wounded, dysfunctional or mentally unsound.


- What you now perceive to be true.

- Was it emotionalism, a vision, a desired vision (wanting it to be), false vision.

- Was it birthed out of need or true desire.

- The revelation that the Holy Bible was my ultimate guide book for life!



Reasons why people resist changing the belief system.

  • Your rejection by your peers - Matthew 10:32-39 & Mark 10:23-31
  • The fear of the unknown.
  • Desire for Approval.
  • Lack of desire or discipline.
  • Comfort in current system.