Do You want to be Made Whole?

Wholeness and Wellbeing is available for everyone who is prepared to touch Jesus Christ. This message is to show you that there is wholeness in Jesus Christ.



1. How desperate are you to be made whole?

  • Have you come to the place where you are prepared to let go of what you know for something that God only knows.

  • Mark 5:24-34

  • People came from all over Australia and one from New Zealand.

  • Testimonies of people who were desperate for a touch from God.


2. What price are you prepared to pay for wholeness?

  • The price for your wholeness was a sacrificial death on the cross.

  • “For you were bought at a price: therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God’s” 1 Corinthians 6:20

  • We must be prepared to lay down our lives, our affections, desires want’s and take hold of His.

  • He died so we too must die to self.

  • Death to pride, fear, worldliness.

7 Common Fears that Christians have.


1. Fear of what other people might think.

2. Fear of being alone.

3. Fear of the mirror.

4. Fear of never finding love.

5. Fear of not being good enough.

6. Fear of that you will miss out in life.

7. Fear of being wrong.

3. What decisions will you take to be made whole?

  • Life is all about decisions.

  • The principal of sowing and reaping in life - break the cycle.

  • Adam made a decision when he ate the apple.

  • Abraham made a decision when he left his father’s house.

  • Moses made a decision when he went up the mountain.

  • David made a decision when he fought against Goliath.

  • Isaiah made a decision even though he had unclean lips.

  • Jeremiah made a decision even though he fought he was too young.

  • James & John made a decision to leave the security of a thriving family business.

  • Paul made a decision to leave a life of reputation and influence.





It’s up to you - how hungry are you to know God and His ways.