How to stay an On-fire Christian!

AIM: The Anointing of the Holy Spirit brings a fire upon the Believer’s to carry the plan and purposes of God on the earth but the Lord needs us to be ON-FIRE for God!



1. Jesus ignites the flame - Matthew 3:11

- Without Jesus there can be no Holy Spirit, YOU MUST BE BORN-AGAIN!

- The Holy Spirit is a gift to the Believer not the unsaved.


2. Make sure the fuel tank is full - Matthew 25:1

- A fire can not continue to burn without fuel.

- His Presence creates a greater fire but you must be in His Presence.


3. Fan the flame with the Word - Matthew 21:21

- The Word builds faith

- ‘Faith comes by hearing the Word’ Romans 10:17

- The Word causes you to believe for the impossible. (Realm of the supernatural)


4. Beware of fire extinguishers - Matthew 10:28

- Distractions, worldly or otherwise.

- Unbelief, superstition and pride.


5. Use your flame to start other fires - Matthew 5:13

- The fire burning in you is for a reason to impact others with the Gospel.

- Your flame could start a revival within your family, work or friends.



An ON-FIRE Christian is someone who has experienced the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and is now doing great things for God.