My Statutes, My Judgments, My Sabbaths

AIM: Through the Word of God there is a clear command to obey God’s Statutes, Judgments and Sabbaths. The result is a promise that we will be blessed in doing so? Jesus declared His obedience to God’s Commandments Matthew 5:17



The lies of the Fathers originate from the Lies of Satan
John 8:43-44

Established belief system formed by…

1. People            2. Experiences             3. Teaching

Examples of these lies are:

God is not necessary in the home.
- Prayer, Bible study, Sabbath

Only man can solve all the issues of life.
- Self-dependence not God dependence.
- Word at the expense of everything else (Money becomes the God & goal)

Fear is the dominating and controlling force in life.
- Fear is a result of a lack of faith which is a result of a lack of God’s Word.
- Faith is what pleases God where fear binds, restricts & hinders peace.



What happened to the Israelites are an example for us today!

1 Corinthians 10:1-12

1. Statutes - a decree or law issued by God

2. Judgments - discernment or separation between good and evil.

  • God always Judges according to His Law.

  • We are judged according to His Commands.

3. Sabbaths - the practice of observing 1 day in 7 as a time for rest and worship.

  • Established by God (Gen 2:1, 4:2, 4:26, Lk 4:16, Mk 2:28)

  • Jewish religious leaders made the Sabbath a bind rather than a rest.

  • Jesus reminds us that He is the “Lord of the Sabbath” Matthew 11:28-30


Obedience to God’s commands is critical for a person to walk in His miracle power and to have favour and blessing in life.