Planted in God's House

In this passage, the will of the Lord for His people is clearly stated. It is for them to be planted in His House - to have roots in a particular church.




The word planted means: being stationary, permanent. When something is planted, it does not move around. It is in a fixed location. It is not God’s will for us to be continually moving around. A tree must be planted to bear much fruit.

  • Many Christians live off Conferences (Mixed Messages).
  • Many Christian live off Christian Television. (Don’t want to answer to anyone)
  • Many Christians live off House-Church Meetings. (Offence and Independence)

All of these lack one element and that is accountability and submission.

  • The Greek Word for Church is: ekklesia ‘a calling out or assembly’.
  • The scriptures say’s that those who are planted will flourish: to break forth as a bud,
    in other words to breakthrough! To blossom and to spread.
  • Verse 14 say’s ‘rich & flourishing’ Hebrew - rich & fertile.
  • The Church we go to is important because it is where we grow.


7 Ways you will know you are in the right Church!

Mathew 6:8 “Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him”

1. You will have a witness in your spirit.
- A peace and sense of excitement that you are in the right place.

2. You will be spiritually challenged.
- Am I being challenged to believe more, stirred up out of my comfort zone etc.

3. You will fit in with the congregation.
- You will fit and flow. Your gifts will be expressed. You assimilate easily.

4. You will agree with the Church vision.
- ‘How can two walk together if they are not in agreement’ Amos 3:3

5. You will be equipped to do God’s will.
- You will be equipped to fulfil the vision. Given opportunity to be involved in it.

6. You will find spiritual food to eat.
- The Word will be taught effectively to feed your life.

7. You will have a sense of belonging.
- You will have a feeling that you are amongst family.



The sooner you make a decision to be planted in a Church the sooner you will begin to grow, develop and bear fruit for God’s Kingdom.