Women of Destiny

"embracing the strength of women"

Cindy Jacobs in her book "Women Of Destiny" writes, "God is calling women today in a greater way than He ever has before. Prophetic voices are prophesying all around the world that this is the time to find a way to release women into His ministry."

This continues to be a popular and effective ministry every Wednesday. Ps Isabelle Zafirian has a real passion for women and brings tremendous support and encouragement. I strongly urge all the women in our church to be involved with this ministry.

Where Do We "The Women Of Destiny" Fit Into The Picture Of His Church?


image The Lord is calling us, raising up and preparing us for such a time as this. We are the NOW WOMEN fitting into the body of Christ. What we do NOW will affect our future. The Lord is beginning to call us forth for His purpose. This is the time for us to rise up.

David Yonggi Cho, pastor of the 900,000 member Full Gospel Church said, "For 5,000 years in Korea women had no voice at all. They were only to cater to the needs of men. Then Christianity came and set women free. Especially in the church, women are free. In ministry they are equal to men, they are licensed, ordained, they become deacons, elders and cell leaders. Once women are called into ministry they are messengers of the Lord."

Judges 5:7 says, "Village life ceased, it ceased in Israel until I Deborah, arose. Arose a mother in Israel."


Where do we fit into God's plans for our church?

A church that is now becoming a large, loving and influential church, liberated to go forth proclaiming "the kingdom of our Lord is at hand". The Bible gives us many examples of women operating in faith who changed the direction of the human race. Mothers have many times determined the course of history.

In 2 Tim.1:5, Paul encourages Timothy to remember the genuine faith that is in him, which dwelt first in his grandmother Lois and in his mother Eunice.

Women of faith receive strength to conceive the seed of the future. Hebrews 11:11 tells us how Sarah gave birth to Isaac when she was 90 years old. She received strength to conceive the seed, because she judged God to be faithful to His promise (she would be the mother of nations - Genesis 17:16,19; 18:10-15;21:1-2).

The Hebrew word for 'conceive' is yacham, which means to get hot. There is a passion that God is releasing in each one of us that will cause His plans for the future to come into being. Knowing that God is faithful to His promises and by receiving the Spirit of adoption that the Lord has offered us, we will be prepared for what is ahead in the future. We are the NOW WOMEN.

Isabelle Zafirian

With this in mind we constantly pray "that our God may count us worthy of His calling and that by His power, He may fulfill every good purpose of ours and every act prompted by our faith." 2 Thesselonians 1:11